Katharine Huntington

Email: kate1@u.washington.edu

Phone: 206-543-0489

Web Site: http://faculty.washington.edu/kate1/welcome.html

Department: Earth and Space Sciences

Position: Assistant Professor

Research Interests: The primary scientific problems that motivate me are in the area of tectonics and landscape evolution, specifically, the interactions of deformational, thermal, and surface processes that shape mountain systems and landscapes. My interests include topographic and drainage basin evolution, temporal and spatial scales of sediment delivery, transients in mountain ranges related to climate change, and regional geology including Himalaya-Tibet and western North America. The research tools I use and develop draw from the fields of regional tectonics, geochronology, structural geology, geomorphology, isotope geochemistry, and sedimentology, and include field-based, laboratory, and numerical modeling approaches. I am particularly enthusiastic about the application of two new tools - detrital thermochronology of modern river sediments for investigating erosion and surface processes and ‘clumped’ 13C-18C carbonate thermometry for studying the elevation and climatic history of Earth’s surface.