Call for Abstracts: Third Annual PNW Climate Science Conference

Third Annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference

October 1-2, 2012 | Boise, ID

Abstracts are now being accepted for the Third Annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference in Boise, Idaho (

This conference aims to go beyond the typical discipline‐based climate conference to stimulate a place‐based exchange of information about emerging science, impacts, and adaptation related to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) climate. The conference will also provide a forum for emerging policy and management goals, objectives, and information needs related to regional climate impacts and adaptation.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are solicited for work related to climate variability in the PNW, including (but not limited to) the following topic areas:

- Impacts and Adaptation in the Columbia Basin
- Effects of climate change on regional Agriculture and Food Security
- Conservation and Climate Change
- Impacts of climate change on Natural Resources, including both terrestrial and aquatic systems
- Hydrological modeling in response to regional climate change
- Research conducted by the regional Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
- Climate change Communication
- Climate change Vulnerability Assessments
- Regional climate change impacts on Human Health, and
- General research related to regional climate

Preference for oral presentations will be given to work that has already been completed. Abstracts are due by Friday, 20 July 2012 and must be submitted online at the conference web site:

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