Climate Change News (CCN)- Summer 2009

Climate Change News (CCN) is a quarterly newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date on PCC activities and to help create a community of students, faculty and researchers interested in issues related to climate and climate change.

Upcoming Events:

2009 PCC Summer Institute, Pacific Northwest Climate: Past, Present and Future

The 2009 PCC Summer Institute will take place this year from the 14th-17th of September, again at Friday Harbor Labs. New to the Summer Institute this year will be a free public lecture by Nate Mantua (UW) on the climate impacts on coastal marine systems in Washington. The public lecture will take place on the evening of the 14th at the San Juan Community Theatre and is open to the Friday Harbor Community as well as the SI participants.

A draft agenda as well as schedule updates are available here.

The dates for student reading sessions in preparation for the Summer Institute have been set! August 19, 10-noon; August 26, 10-noon and September 9, 10-noon. All discussion sessions will take place in OSB 425. Links to papers will be posted shortly, so check back soon!

Registration for the 2009 Summer Institute at FHL is now available at:

Note: The Summer Institute grows in popularity each year, and last year we did turn people away. Priority will be given to those with accepted posters, those that with clear professional or research connections to the subject matter, and those that register before August 14th. So register now!

Past Events:

UW Climate History Panel

On May 05 2009 the PCC hosted the UW Climate History Panel, a discussion of the origins of as a leader in Climate Science. This event was moderated by Roel Hammerschlag (former PCC fellow, current Senior Scientist with the U.S. office of the Stockholm Environment Institute). A full list of panelists and participants can be found on the event page on the pcc website.

The event was videotaped by Brian Smoliak, and UW Ocean undergrad Katharine Flowers is working on a transcript of the discussion that will shortly become available through the UW Libraries’ Special Collections. The transcript will include annotations and follow-up questions with the panelists. A brief summary of the discussion will also be included in the UW’s currently evolving Climate Action Plan.

Climate/Ocean/Atmospheric Science/ESS Outreach Open House

PCC, Oceanography, Atmospheric Science and Earth and Space Science graduate students, staff and faculty involved in outreach and informal education in a multitude of ways attended an informal gathering on Tuesday, April 28 at 4:30 in OSB 425.

The event allowed outreach facilitators in different departments to meet and to interact with each other, as well as for students interested in participating in outreach to get a foot in the door. On display were several student-designed hands-on demonstrations of scientific concepts, which proved to be as fun for adults as they are for kids. In addition, a number of experienced outreach representatives were allowed to share their wisdom.

Tom Ackerman and Dargan Frierson from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences both spoke about the value and worth of the outreach they have done over their careers. Faculty members Chris Bretherton (PCC Director), Julie Keister (Oceanography), Katharine Huntington (Earth and Space Sciences), Jan Newton (APL), and Harry Stern (APL) also echoed this in their remarks. Tansy Clay provided information and materials from the organization COSEE-OLC (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence-Ocean Learning Communities) where she is the education and outreach coordinator. Raechel Waters spoke about the Washington Sea Grant, where she is the Associate Director. We are slowly gathering information from these and related groups that participate in outreach-summaries can be found on the page on the Outreach theme page of the PCC website.

The event was moderated by Paul Hezel, PCC graduate student representative, co-organized by outreach representatives Emily Fischer and Lucas Harris for Atmospheric Sciences, Alison Rogers and Lia Slemons for Oceanography and Paul Hezel and Miriam Bertram for the Program on Climate Change.

PCC Course Offerings Autumn 2009-Spring 2010

Autumn 2009
- Current Research in Climate Change (OCN/ATMS/ESS 586): Pacific Northwest Climate Change. Instructor: Christopher Bretherton. Note: This course will be a joint seminar with CIG.
- Climate Dynamics (OCN/ ATMS/ ESS 587). Instructors: Dargan Frierson and Steve Riser
- Communicating Climate Science Capstone Project (OCN/ATMS/ESS 596). Instructor: Christopher Bretherton
Registration for this course is now available on the timeschedule for Autumn.

Winter 2010
- The Global Carbon Cycle and Climate (OCN/ATMS/ESS 588. Instructor: Julian Sachs and TBA
- Communicating Climate Science Capstone Project (OCN/ATMS/ESS 596. Instructor: Christopher Bretherton
- Communicating Climate Science Seminar (OCN/ATMS/ESS 593). Instructor: Christopher Bretherton
Tentative offering.

Spring 2010
- Climate Modeling (ATM S/ESS 559 and OCN 558). Instructors: Cecilia Bitz and LuAnne Thompson
- Paleoclimate Proxies (OCN/ATMS/ESS 554). Instructors: Eric Steig and Julian Sachs
- Communicating Climate Science Capstone Project (OCN/ATMS/ESS 596). Instructor: Christopher Bretherton

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