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Welcome to the 2007/2008 academic year, and to a new look for this newsletter and a new philosophy for a website. The website has the potential of being a very useful tool for all of you, from instructors disseminating up-to-date course information, participants in outreach programs, members of the greater community tracking climate events, and much more. But you must actively up-date the information on the site for us to fully realize its potential. Please contact the PCC office for access to the website database, or contact graduate students Alyssa Atwood, Brian Smoliak or Robert Hahn for assistance.

Seven new PCC fellows can be found in classes and as participants in climate activities on campus; many were inaugurated into the climate community at the September Summer Institute, but to many they are new faces on campus. Please join me in welcoming two Chemical Oceanographers, Alyssa Atwood and Andrea Fassbender, two Atmospheric Scientists, Eric Sofen and Kelly McCusker, two Earth and Space Scientists, Kristin Poinar and Erin Burke, and our at-large fellow, joint in the School of Marine Affairs and Biological Oceanography, Kirstin Feifel to UW. A warm welcome to other new graduate students that are becoming part of the program by participating in PCC events.

Climate Scientist Profile: Roel Hammerschlag

Roel Hammerschlag and advisor Alison Cullen discussing Roel's thesis presentation in OSB 425.

The PCC has a strong foundation in the physical sciences (ocean, earth and atmosphere), but also embraces engineering, policy, biology, and other areas in sponsored activities. As a PCC fellow from a non-core department, Roel Hammerschlag brought interest in energy policy, expertise in environmental non-profits, and a keen mind to the UW climate community. His experiences before joining the Evans School of Public Affairs and the PCC made him an ideal candidate for compiling the University of Washington's first greenhouse gas inventory and for bringing the PCC outreach slide presentations from concept to reality. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Roel completed his MPA (Master's of Public Affairs) in Spring 2007, under the advisement of Alison Cullen (Evan's School). He presented his work to the PCC community in a seminar in June 2007 titled:

Legislating the Highway Act of 1956: Lessons for climate change regulation.

His thesis will be published in the Fall, 2007 issue of Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal. You can still find Roel, as although he has moved on he is not far away. He is now a part of the Climate and Energy Program of the Stockholm Environment Institute, with an office at the UW (see below).

Climate Program Focus: Climate and Energy Program on Campus

The Stockholm Environment Institute is an international research organization focusing on the issue of sustainable development. SEI has its headquarters in Stockholm with a network structure of permanent and associated staff worldwide with centers in the US, York (UK), Oxford (UK), Tallinn (Estonia), and Asia (Bangkok). The SEI-US center brings together staff affiliated with Tufts University in Medford, MA and in Sacramento, CA.

Carrie Lee (College of Forest Resources) and Roel Hammerschlag (Evans School of Public Affairs), both former at-large PCC fellows, and recent UW graduates, have joined the Climate and Energy Program of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) at its Seattle office. Common interests between SEI goals and gaps in UW expertise were recognized during interactions with Michael Lazarus at seminars and the summer institute in 2006 which centered around the annual theme of climate change, policy, and technology. An affiliation between Michael Lazarus, the SEI and the Evans School of Public Affairs was developed that will lead to Michael Lazarus teaching a much-needed course on energy policy in Winter 2008. PCC students are encouraged to attend.

The UW office is located in the College Center Building, on University Way NE at NE 47th St. Address: 4556 University Way NE; Phone: 206-547-4000.

Major Outreach Event: UW Focus the Nation

Luanne Thompson, with support from PCC, the COFS Dean? Office, and across campus, is creating a major UW event that will be a part of a nationwide Focus the Nation day of activities on January 31, 2008. The overarching goal of this day is to turn the national conversation about global warming from fatalism towards constructive engagement, and to provide a venue for education and non-partisan discussion of the choices and decisions that will need to be made now and in the next 10 years. For up-to-date information visit the UW Focus website: To get involved, e-mail Rehana Lanewala ( your interests.

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