Climate Change News (CCN)- Spring 2015

Climate Change News (CCN), offered in fall and spring, is designed to keep you up-to-date on PCC activities and to help create an integrated, interdisciplinary community of students, faculty and researchers working on issues related to climate.


PCC Summer Institute

On-line registration will be available in May for our annual PCC Summer Institute, once again accepted as a Friday Harbor Lab Symposium. The institute is being led by Abigail Swann (ATMS/Biology) and will focus on the interactions between terrestrial ecosystems, land surface processes and climate. Confirmed speakers include:

Nathan Muller, Environmental Fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment
Jacquelyn Gill, Assistant Professor of Paleoecology and Plant Ecology, University of Maine
Scott Saleska, Associate Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
Gordon Bonan, Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado

Participants will have the opportunity to present posters, hear from invited speakers, and discuss the current state of the science while enjoying Friday Harbor and the Labs from Sunday Sept. 20 through Tuesday Sept. 22, 2015. Details will be posted to the event page as they become available.

Participants in the 2006 Summer Institute "Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions: Projections, Mitigating Technologies and Policies" ---who do you recognize?

With 84 participants, the 2014 Summer Institute on Climate Variability was the largest to date.

Climate Postdocs and GCeCS Recipients Featured at the 2015 PCC Winter Welcome

The Winter Welcome is one of the PCC's opportunities to bring climate scientists together from across campus, around common research and education goals. This years' event, held January 29, 2015 in the FSH auditorium and lobby, included a general PCC program overview by LuAnne Thompson, PCC Director, including introductions of 2014/2015 Graduate Fellows (Marlies Kovenock, Biology, Advised by Abby Swann; Emma Kahle, ESS, Advised by Eric Steig; and Ashly Spevacek, Atmos, Advised by Dargan Frierson). This year we also engaged the growing population of climate postdocs from across campus and congratulated the many graduate certificate recipients.

Postdoctoral research scientists from across campus were invited to showcase their work and interests using one slide, giving a quick talk. Not only did we get to learn more about what postdocs are doing, many postdocs learned for the first time, what the PCC is all about.

Many thanks to the following for participating:
Jacob Cram, Oceanography
Andrew Davis, Oceanography
Donata Giglio, NOAA
Ben Hudson, Future of Ice
Cary Lynch, Climate Impacts Group
Adriana Raudzens Bailey, JISAO
Allison Smith, Oceanography and eScience
Rory Telemeco, Biology
Rachel White, JISAO

LuAnne Thompson, PCC Director, also recognized the seven graduate students who completed the interdisciplinary training requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science in the past year. Read about completed capstone projects here.

Pam Barrett (OCN), Bryce Harrop (ATMS), Katie Fellows (Env and Occc Health), Spruce Schoenemann (ESS), Hilary Palevsky (OCN), Megan Gambs (OCN, not shown) and Kelly Hall (Evans School, not shown) are acknowledged for completing the communicating climate science capstone and interdisciplinary courses for the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science (GCeCS).

We look forward to seeing you at next years winter welcome!


Developing Curriculum and Teaching Skill

Interested in what's happening in STEM education research? Do you want to learn how to develop curriculum? There are ways for the curious to learn more, including checking out the upcoming 11th Annual UW Teaching and Learning Symposium (lots of posters, including one by Hilary Palevsky, Ocean graduate student) April 14 from 2-4:30 in the HUB Ballroom. Or take a look at what Biology and Physics are doing in Education and Learning.

PCC graduate students have been working with teachers and developing climate science curriculum for the past several years, and we are currently regrouping. If you'd like to work with a high school teacher on developing climate science curriculum for the STEM classroom, and perhaps complete the capstone requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science at the same time, contact Miriam in the PCC office (

The Graduate Student Seminar (GSS)

This seminar series is organized by graduate students for graduate students. The series provides an extremely laid back environment where grad students give 25-35 min presentations on their research followed by 20 minutes of questions/discussion on the topic. It's a great opportunity to see what is going on in climate research with your fellow students down the hall or across campus. Plus, it you are interested in presenting, it's a great chance to show off some of your own research and receive feedback on your work. Presentations should be geared toward a general scientific audience (of graduate students) with ample background information so everyone can follow. Refreshments available.

This spring the seminar meets on the following dates (all Wednesdays at 5pm in ATG 610):
April 8, April 22, May 6, May 20, June 3

Contact Hilary Palevsky ( if you'd like to present, and visit the seminar page for titles and speakers as they become known.

If you have not attended the GSS before, we encourage you to attend. It is a great way to meet other students and get involved in the PCC.

If you have any questions, please email one of the GSS Chairs:
Bradley Markle (ESS,
Hilary Palevsky (OCN,
Gregory Quetin (ATM S,

2015/2016 PCC/GCeCS Courses

Spring 2015

Climate Modeling (ATM S/ESS 559; OCEAN 558)--Instructor: Cecilia Bitz (ATM S)

Autumn 2015

Current Research in Climate Science Graduate Seminar (ATM S/OCEAN/ESS 586) and the
Climate Science Undergraduate Seminar (ATM S/OCEAN/ESS 475)--Instructor LuAnne Thompson (OCN)

Fundamentals of Global Warming Science (ATMS/OCN/ESS 587)--Instructor Kyle Armour (new faculty member arriving Fall 2015, ATMS/OCN)

Paleoclimatology: Data, Modeling and Theory (ATMS/OCN/ESS 589)--Instructor Eric Steig (ESS)

Winter 2016

Global Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases (OCEAN/ATM S/ESS 588)-Instructor Curtis Deutsch (OCN)


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