Perspectives on Communicating Climate Science (Seminar, ATMS/ESS/OCN 593)


1 credits


Location: OSB 425

Schedule: T 3:30-5

Department: PCC

Quarter: Winter

Title: Perspectives in Communicating Climate Science

Link to Full Schedule and Syllabus

For graduate students and upper division undergraduates interested in broadening their perspective on scientific outreach, discussing issues and different communication media, styles and situations. Graduate students will have the opportunity to identify partners and projects to fulfill the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science (GCeCS) capstone requirement.

Organized by: Miriam Bertram, UW Program on Climate Change,

Schedule (Winter 2015)
Week 1 (Jan 6).
Course Introduction.
Guest: LuAnne Thompson, Director Program on Climate Change.
Topic: (Temporary Title) A past, present and future.

Week 2 (Jan 13).
Guests: Nora Ferm, Senior Associate, Cascadia Consulting
Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist, Research Meteorologist (JISAO)

Title: From oceans to cities: Creating and understanding demand for climate information to enable adaptation

Nora Ferm:
Nick Bond:

Week 3 (Jan 20)
Guest: Rev. Jenny Phillips
Title: “Religious Frames for Climate Change”

Bio: Rev. Jenny Phillips is Minister for Environmental Stewardship and Advocacy for the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church, and Coordinator of Fossil Free UMC, the movement calling The United Methodist Church to divest from fossil fuels. ....

Week 4 (Jan 27)
Guest: Carrie Lee, Staff Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute (PCC alumni)
Topic: Climate and Energy Policy: Narratives and Storytelling to reach non-expert audiences

Week 5 (Feb 3)
Guest: Megan Bang, Assistant Professor, UW College of Education
Title: Cultural Aspects of Climate Communication


Week 6 (Feb 10)
Guest: Joanne Silberner (Artist-in-Residence, UW Communications Department)
Topic: Storytelling

Week 7 (Feb 17)
Guests: Greg Quetin, Graduate Student, UW Atmospheric Sciences
Abigail Steinem, Graduate Student, UW School of Art + Art History + Design
Topic: The Visual Face of Science

Week 8 (Feb. 24) No Class Scheduled.

Week 9 (March 3)
Guest: Amy Snover, Climate Impacts Group
Topic: TBA

Week 10 (March 10)
Topic: Synthesis and Final Discussion