Current Research in Climate Science Seminar "Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation" (PCC 586 A)

OCN/ATM S/ESS 586 A 10633

2 CR/NC credits



Location: OCN 425

Schedule: T 3:30-4:30

Alternative Schedule: 2nd hour TBD

Department: PCC

Quarter: Fall

Schedule (Fall 2012) Note that most seminar titles are tentative. Check course website for changes and updates.

Week 1 No seminar

Week 2 Oct 2 Lara Hansen (Ecoadapt) Helping community adapt to climate change

Week 3 Oct 9 Susan Bolton (UW Forest and Environmental Sciences) Community based adaptation in Lima, Peru

Week 4 Oct 16 Madeleine Thomson (International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University), Climate Change and Infectious Disease

Week 5 Oct 23 Indroyono Soesilo (Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for the People' s Welfare for the country of Indonesia) Climate Change in Indonesia in the Context of the Global Challenge

Week 6 (note that this seminar will be on Thursday) Nov 1 Scott Meschke (UW Environmental Health) Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrology and Water Resources of the Pacific Northwest

Week 7 Nov 6 (tentative) David Battistiti (UW Atmospheric Sciences) Food Security, Climate Variability and Change

Week 8 Nov 13 Kurt Cuffey (UC Berkeley) Sea Level Rise in the coming Century

Week 9 Nov 20 Judd Walson (UW Global Health) Health connections to Climate Change: case studies in HIV, TB and Malaria

Week 10 Nov 27 Ann Bostrom (UW Evans School) Subjective and Scientific Assessments of Climate Change Risks

Week 11 Dec 4 Soo Kim (UW Forest and Environmental Sciences) Climate Change and agriculture