Global Warming: Understanding the Issues (ATMS 111)

ATMS 111

5 credits



Location: Lectures KNE 210

Schedule: TTh 10:30-12:20

Alternative Schedule: Various quiz sections

Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Quarter: Winter

Human-induced climate change - popularly known as "global warming" - has emerged as one of humanity's great challenges in the 21st century. Ignoring this problem could impose severe environmental consequences on for future generations. But to prevent these consequences, the current generation would have to rapidly and dramatically transform the energy basis of the global economy. At stake are deeply felt values as well as entrenched economic interests. This course will examine the science behind the controversy. The text and lectures will provide a critical analysis of the current scientific consensus. We will also examine stronger claims made by advocates on both sides - "skeptics" and "alarmists," as they are sometimes called. Through in-class activities and weekly discussion sessions, students will develop their understanding of these ideas and express their reactions to them.