Writing about Science and Technology for General Audiences (OCEAN 506)

OCEAN 506 17467

3 credits


Location: OTB 205

Schedule: MW 2:30-3:50

Department: Oceanography

Quarter: Fall

This course is designed to introduce upper-division undergraduate and graduate students to science and technology news writing. We explore the science news publishing process and key issues involved in communicating about science and technology with general audiences. Students learn the structure of science news articles and press releases; they examine issues of balance and accuracy; and they study the interactions among technical sources, public information officers, reporters, and readers.

Students have the opportunity to build their writing portfolios through assignments that treat the news brief, news article, and press release. Students completing this class should possess the conceptual understanding as well as the practical experience needed for a position as a science reporter, writer, or editor for a major publication; as a freelance writer; as a communication officer, writer, or editor for a technical organization; or as a scientist or engineer who is well-prepared to interact with members of the media and general public.