Climate Seminar: Peak Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and Climate Change (OCN/ATM S/ESS 586)


2, CR/NCR credits


Location: OCN 425

Schedule: T 3:30-5:20

Department: Cross-Listed

Quarter: Spring

Peak Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and Climate Change

Many of you may have heard me talk about Peak Oil, Peak Coal and their relation to climate change. You may or may not have been convinced so I thought I would organize a seminar course in spring quarter to delve into this topic in more detail. This is probably a good chance to take issue with or to find support for the arguments presented. Joining me will be Derik Andreoli who is getting his PhD in Geography. He is more of an expert than me on the economic issues. I asked Jim Hansen to help teach as well. Jim is a Seattle Investment advisor and publishes a weekly newsletter called The Master Resource Report.

Our intent is to have a few talks (Art Berman has been invited to talk about Shale Gas and David Rutledge to talk about Peak Coal) but mostly to let the discussion focus on topics that evolve from week to week (with some guided structure from us of course). Probably evolving from Oil to Coal to Gas considering both climate change, economic and urban planning issues

If you are interested in this topic please sign up as OCN586/Atm586/ESS586 for Spring 2011.