The Earth System and Climate (ESS 201)

ESS 201

5 credits


Location: JHN 026; JHN 127

Schedule: TTh 8:30-9:20; T 3:30-5:20

Quarter: Winter

Earth's dynamic environment, global energy balance, interplay of chemical, physical, and biological processes shaping the Earth's surface and climate. Emphasis on quantitative methods for measuring, evaluating, and understanding contemporary changes relative to the last several thousand years.

Prerequisite: either MATH 124, MATH 144, or Q SCI 291.

What you can expect to get out of this class:
Different students will take this class for different specific reasons, but the overall goals are:

  • to develop a solid understanding of the current "state of the art" in the interdisciplinary field of "Earth System Science"
  • to gain new quantitative skills in the earth sciences