Current Research in Climate Change: Climate Change Feedbacks (OCEAN/ATMS/ESS 586)


2 credits


Location: Often in OSB 425, but check calendar for weekly time/day/place.

Schedule: Varies; typically Tu 3:30-5:00

Department: Program on Climate Change

Quarter: Fall

Seminars and student discussions organized around the theme of climate change feedbacks.

Led by Jim Murray. First meeting is October 12; Dennis Hartmann (UW-Atmos) will provide and Overview and Discussion: Understanding Climate Change Feedbacks

Reading: Selections from NAS NRC Report (2003)

October 19 Chris Bretherton (UW – Atmos)
Presentation and Discussion: Fast Feedbacks and Water Vapor
Reading: NAS NRC Report (2003) Chapter 2 Cloud, Water Vapor and Lapse Rate Feedbacks

October 26 Kyle Armour (UW-Atmos)
Presentation and Discussion: Sea Ice Feedbacks
Reading: NAS NRC Report (2003) Chapter 3 Sea Ice Feedbacks

November 2 No Class

November 9 Preparation for Andreas Schmittner (Oregon State University)
Reading and Discussion: Schmittner and Galbraith (2008) Glacial Greenhouse gas fluctuations controlled by ocean circulation changes. Nature 456, 373-376

November 12 Andreas Schmittner
Friday Seminar: 1230 425 OSB (part of Chem Ocean Lunch Seminar)
Title: Can we constrain climate-carbon cycle feedbacks using modern observations?

November 15 Hugh Ducklow (The Ecosystem Center, Woods Hole)
Monday Seminar: 330 425 OSB
Title: Rapid Climate Warming and Ecosystem Response on the West Antarctic Peninsula

November 23 No Class Thanksgiving Week

November 30 Preparation for Nicole Lovenduski (Univ. Colorado)

December 6 Nicole Lovenduski (Univ. Colorado)
Monday Seminar: 330 425 OSB
Title: Recent Changes in Southern ocean Biogeochemistry

December 7 Preparation for Eric Galbraith (McGill University)
Reading: Schmittner et al (2009) Using tracer observations to reduce the uncertainty of ocean diapycnal mixing and climate carbon cycle projections. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 23, GB4009
Friedlingstein et al (2006) Climate Carbon Cycle Feedback Analysis: Results from the C4MIP Model Intercomparison. Journal of Climate 19, 3337-3353.

December 10 Eric Galbraith (McGill University)
Friday Seminar: 1230 425 OSB Title: Salted, not stirred: mixing up an abyssal cocktail for low glacial CO2