Geoengineering: Science, Policy and Ethics (OCEAN/ATMS/ESS 586A)


2 credits


Location: JHN 075

Schedule: Wed 3:30-4:50

Alternative Schedule: *Some seminars may be moved to other times/days due to speaker travel constraints

Department: Program on Climate Change

Quarter: Winter

Humans are expected to more than double the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by the end of this century, even under scenarios that assume the world will aggressively move away from fossil fuels. These emission scenarios make it virtually certain that the global average temperature will exceed the threshold that numerous experts say will greatly harm ecosystems and human health, security and welfare. If global climate change triggers climate emergencies, what are our options?

This seminar series entitled "Geoengineering: Science, Policy and Ethics", to be supported by the College of the Environment Institute and hosted by the UW Program on Climate Change, is an interdisciplinary exploration of geoengineering, one of the radical proposed solutions to the climate crisis. The series will explore the scientific feasibility of geoengineering schemes, their associated ethical arguments and values, and the legal and political scenarios that geoengineering will introduce. Speakers include national and international experts from the fields of science, policy and ethics.