The Puget Sound Ecosystem (OCEAN/ENVIR 260)


3/5 credits



Location: Lectures: Anderson 223, Labs: OCN 111

Schedule: MWF 9:30-10:20

Alternative Schedule: 5 credit option: Labs T 2:30-4:30

Department: Cross-Listed

Quarter: Fall

Instructors: Jeffrey Richey and John Lombard

This course is an overview of the science and management of the Puget Sound land and water ecosystem. It includes study of the physical and biological relationships of Puget Sound to the surrounding watershed. It also includes study of how the Puget Sound ecosystem is governed and what roles individual citizens (such as students) can play in its recovery. We will follow case studies of the human impacts on terrestrial, fresh-water, and marine habitats in Puget Sound and its watershed, matched with restoration efforts of local, state, tribal, and federal governments.

Offered jointly by the School of Oceanography and the Program on the Environment and designed for lower-division environmental majors, but also suitable for science and non-science majors.

Can be taken for 3 or 5 credits. No prerequisites. Email or visit course website ( for more information.