Climate Minor

The Climate Minor, offered through the College of the Environment, provides undergraduates with a unique opportunity to explore the science of climate in a multi-disciplinary context. The minor brings together coursework in climate chemistry and biology, physical climate and past climate through courses in Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography, Earth and Space Sciences and other science departments, with additional opportunities to explore policy, energy and human dimensions of climate change. Successful completion of the climate minor provides students with a strong interdisciplinary foundation in climate science and will help to prepare students for graduate study in climate related fields. To learn more about geoscientists watch the video below or go to:

Be a Geoscientist: Earth is Calling

Climate Minor Advising and information:

Miriam Bertram, or (206) 543-6521
and your departmental adivsor.

For undergraduates interested in the Climate Minor, please subscribe to:


Minimum of 25 credits.

  • One of ESS 201, ATMS 211 or ATMS 321 (3-5 credits)
  • One of Ocean/FISH 452, AMATH 301, Q SCI 381, or CSE 160 (4 credits)
  • Integrated Capstone Experience: ATMS/ESS/OCEAN 475 (3 credits)
  • Science Electives: At least one course from each of ATM S, ESS, and OCEAN. (minimum 12 credits). See checklist for current list of approved science electives (minimum of 12 credits).
  • Application Elective: One approved social science, policy, or energy course to reach at total of 25 credits. See list of approved electives here.

  • Additional Detail

  • Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA in courses applied to the minor.
  • Minimum 15 credits must be taken from the University of Washington.
  • Minimum 15 credits outside the student's major.
  • Minimum of 15 credits must be upper division.
  • NOTE: Students are encouraged to take MATH 124, MATH 125, Math 126, PHYS 121, PHYS 122, and PHYS 123 or see advisor in order to complete the requirements for the minor.


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